How to Know if you are Buying CBD Oil from a Reputable Manufacturer?

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If you’re looking into adding Cannabidiol – (CBD) oil products to your inventory, you’ve likely already begun your search for a distributor. Since we are currently in the middle of the ‘green rush’ – which is pretty much a mad dash for retailers and e-commerce companies to get in on the projected billion-dollar industry, you’re going to run into a wide array of CBD oil manufacturers and private label companies. The variety can get overwhelming, but as a savvy business owner and entrepreneur, you should have certain criteria in mind when it comes to selecting your supplier. There are a few things you need to be considering when deciding on where you will source your CBD from. Aside from finding a company that has good prices to help you make as much profit as you reasonably can, and finding a company with a quick turnaround time to ensure you can meet your orders, you should also place a lot of importance on finding a CBD oil source that provides consistently excellent quality. As a retailer, the brand’s success depends on how good your product is and what the public perception of that quality is. If consumers don’t believe your product is of good quality before a possible purchase, they won’t make that purchase. If they believe it is a bad quality product after they purchase it, they will undoubtedly contribute to the downfall of your brand’s reputation via bad reviews and negative word of mouth, thus preventing other potential customers from making any future purchases. Here are the things to look at when deciding on a CBD Oil manufacturer and/or private label source, as well as how to spot the right companies that are trustworthy and reputable. 

Verify that the CBD Oil Manufacturer is Insured, Registered and Legitimate

First of all, a reputable CBD Oil manufacturer that is in compliance with the law and with standard business regulations will be registered with the FDA. Having the business registered with the FDA protects your clients and your business from any issues like complaints, claims, returns, and losses. The manufacturer should also carry insurance, in case any issues arise. A reputable CBD Oil manufacturer should also have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification to ensure that the products are produced and controlled in a consistent manner and according to quality standards. The standards set forth by the GMP are there to minimize risks involved with pharmaceutical production that can’t be eliminated through testing the final product. The CBD company you decide on could have all these certifications displayed on their website clearly, which would be a plus – but if not, it doesn’t mean they don’t have these things in place at all. You can always contact the company and ask to see certifications and proof of being in compliance with all of the aforementioned standards. If they are able to provide it and communicate with you promptly, consider these all plusses. 

Research How Long They’ve Been in Business

Since this is still a relatively nascent market, it won’t be easy to find any companies who’ve been in business or offered CBD manufacturing or white labeling for more than a few years. But you can find some companies out there who have been around longer than others and have had a bit more time to get established and experienced in the market. These companies will have been around from around 2015 or 2016. The earlier they were established, of course, the better. This means they will have been able to really refine their processes and adjust to any feedback their clients have given them – meaning you won’t be some brand new startup’s test subject. Another advantage is that the longer they’ve been in business, the more of a track record they will have – over the years, their clients will have surely called them out in some way if they didn’t deliver a good product. Check review websites, see if they have any comments on their social media pages or reviews – get connected with them to see what people are saying about them. If they have a trail of happy customers, chances are, you’ll have a good experience doing business with them. Finding out who their other clients are could also be helpful – if they’ve worked with well-known or reputable companies, that is usually a good sign that they have a steady operation and high-quality items. 

Find a Company with Transparency

Hiding behind a nice website and fluff words is so easy these days. Learn to see through what companies try to put in front of you and really understand the things that constitute solid truths. A reputable CBD Oil Manufacturer should be upfront about their certifications, their sourcing, their processing, and their operations. If the company doesn’t provide clear contact info or doesn’t have their address displayed on their site, or declines to provide you that information when you ask for it, this could be a red flag. If they are not forthcoming with any of the aforementioned information, it can be an indicator of not having the right registrations or certifications in place, in which case, you should probably not proceed in doing business with them. Ask the company how much of their process is outsourced and how much of it is in-house. The more of their methods are kept in-house, the more enticing that company should be to you. This is because they’ll have more control of and knowledge of the product they’re supplying you with. The more entities are involved, the more ambiguous your product quality will be and the less informed you will be about your product. Your customers will undoubtedly have questions for you about your products and if you can’t confidently answer them in a knowledgeable way, you could end up losing some sales, so be sure you can have clear communication and as much transparency as possible with the CBD Oil manufacturer of your choosing and ideally are dealing with all or most in-house processes when it comes to production.