Top 5 Skincare Products to Consider when Starting your Own Brand

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Top CBD Skincare Products

Whether you’re looking to add CBD products to your existing skincare inventory or you’re starting your own brand centered around CBD products and skincare, you’re definitely on the right track if you want to attract more customers right now. As more and more people become hip to cannabidiol’s laundry list of potential health, wellness, and cosmetic benefits, these products containing CBD are becoming some of the hottest items being searched for at the moment. While you can currently find everything from CBD gummies to CBD dog treats out there, some of the best items you can look into adding to your inventory are CBD Skincare Products. This is because the beauty and personal care products’ market size is anticipated to reach a whopping USD 716.6 billion by 2025 – and the CBD market is projected to reach about $20 billion by 2024. Both have immense growth potential ahead of them, so being able to offer a product type that combines both markets is a true union of giants. There are many different CBD wellness, beauty and skincare items; some are very widely popular and others are very niche. The different blends of other ingredients available to be combined with CBD make the variety even wider; however, there are a few product types that are pulling the most weight when it comes to consumers searching for them. Here are 5 of the top skincare items that are in high demand and that will very likely bring in tons of new clients to your brand. We recommend considering these 5 product types when adding CBD skincare products to your brand’s lineup. 

CBD Moisturizers

One of the most basic and staple items any skincare regimen includes is a moisturizer. Even for people who aren’t deep into the skincare world, moisturizers are just one of the essentials. The beauty of CBD moisturizers is that the possibilities of different ingredient blends are virtually endless. You can find CBD products that are blended with all sorts of complementary ingredients, many of which are naturally derived as well, which is also beneficial for hydrating the skin. Since there are still many people who are not 100% sold on CBD’s effectiveness due to the need for more clinical studies and research, pairing CBD with other naturally derived ingredients that do have more substantial evidence to show their moisturizing abilities is a great way to give those customers a safe way to try CBD while knowing that they can at least be sure that the other active ingredients will undoubtedly deliver what they need. Look for white label CBD Skincare moisturizer that can help dramatically hydrate the skin with powerful herbals that will not only moisturize but also nourish, protect and condition the skin. 

CBD Anti-Aging and Face Creams 

Anyone who takes care of their appearance is ultimately looking for ways to turn back time and achieve a more youthful look – this is probably why the anti-aging market is such a huge one. Consumers of anti-aging products are typically a savvy demographic; they do their research and stay updated on the latest trends, always in search of the most cutting edge, most revolutionary ingredients that can help them get that youthful appearance they’re so desperately after. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties are some of the reasons why it has been used to combat visible signs of aging such as wrinkle and fine lines, as well as puffiness and redness that are results of inflammation. CBD anti-aging body and face creams offer consumers a chance to get all the benefits of CBD on a consistent basis, directly to their faces. While there is still much research needed to make more definitive claims, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there from regular CBD users that point to CBD anti-aging and face creams having powerful effects and helping consumers get that youthful glow they’re looking for. CBD can be combined into a face cream that includes other anti-aging ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil, swiss apple stem cells, and more. This versatility will allow you to list more than one type of CBD anti-aging cream, offering your consumers more variety. Capture the anti-aging crowd by offering this product type. 

CBD Body Butters 

Skin wellness isn’t only about the face; an important part of a full-body skin care regimen is an effective, ultra-hydrating moisturizer or body butter for the entire body. Different areas have different thicknesses of skin layers, so a creamy body butter is best for targeting the parts of the body with more skin. Adding CBD into the mix is perfect – not only do its cosmetically beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants make it more desirable as a body butter, but its potential to regulate pains and aches in the body make a CBD body butter a triple threat: Great for skin hydration, great for anti-aging and great for pain management. CBD has been used to treat aches and chronic pain in the muscles and joints – all pains that have a root cause of inflammation. Regular body butters typically focus on just hydration and/or rejuvenation. A CBD body butter has all that and more! This is a hot item that many consumers interested in CBD products are actively searching for, making it a perfect addition to any CBD product inventory. 

CBD Serums 

Serums in skincare help to brighten and soothe skin with just a few drops. They are game-changers for redness and boosting the skin’s natural glow. Serums have the ability to contain high amounts of CBD – a plus for consumers looking to really get the full range of the benefits cannabidiol has to offer. Some serums pair with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other powerful skin-nourishing ingredients. It can be used as a primer before applying moisturizer and for consumers who are also into cosmetics and beauty, this doubles as a makeup primer. CBD serums are some of the hottest items on the market – it’s a great idea to include them in your brand lineup if you’re ready to add high-quality CBD skincare products to your selection. 

CBD Massage Oil 

While this can fit into a “wellness” or “therapy” product, CBD massage oil can also be counted as part of skincare since routine massages can help regulate and improve circulation and reduce stress overall – two things that positively impact the look and feel of skin over time. CBD extracted into oil form is one of the most powerful ways consumers can get the benefits of cannabidiol. CBD massage oil can provide the right balance of light, velvety and smooth hydration that facilitates slip and gliding – the perfect feature for a great massage. Again, its anti-inflammatory effects are part of why CBD is used as a massage oil. As the massage itself targets aches and pains in the back muscles, adding CBD gives the whole experience that extra push to help alleviate soreness, spasms, inflammation, and pain, giving the consumer an optimal massage experience with extra benefits that will last them well after the massage.