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legitimate cbd brands

You might be online looking for CBD gummies, CBD lotions, chocolates, or even pet products; regardless of the CBD product you need, chances are, you’ll find a world of companies out there selling you exactly what you need. But with all these choices available, many consumers are left wondering “How do I know which company is trustworthy?” CBD is trendy and in-demand. That means companies have an incentive to be part of this new “green rush.” That usually means they’ll…

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If you’re looking into adding Cannabidiol - (CBD) oil products to your inventory, you’ve likely already begun your search for a distributor. Since we are currently in the middle of the ‘green rush’ - which is pretty much a mad dash for retailers and e-commerce companies to get in on the projected billion-dollar industry, you’re going to run into a wide array of CBD oil manufacturers and private label companies. The variety can get overwhelming, but as a savvy business…

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starting your own cbd company

2019 has been quite a year for the CBD industry. Ever since the headlines were flooded with the news that the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived products on a federal level, entrepreneurs and consumers alike have been clamoring to either launch a business around it, add it to their inventories, or obtain CBD products for their use. While it’s still a ways away from being considered fully mainstream, especially since all marijuana-derived products are still not considered legal across the…

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How to Private Label CBD

For anyone looking to get in on the CBD “green rush” that is happening right now, they can feel confident that it is a great time to do so. That’s because there is still a ton of upward growth left for the CBD sector, giving entrepreneurs the perfect opportunity to establish booming CBD businesses of their own.  The 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp-derived products is still fresh; so much so that the FDA is still trying to catch up…

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