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Everything About CBD

The CBD craze, also known as the “green rush,” has swept across the globe, with its latest wave sweeping the U.S. The federal level legalization of hemp based products at the end of 2018, and an unstoppable momentum of legislation aimed at full scale legalization of all marijuana products across the board has everyone’s eyes dead set on the cannabis industry. Consumers, investors and entrepreneurs alike have seen the benefits and opportunities of CBD based products and have contributed to…

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CBD for Anxiety

It’s a widely known fact that anxiety is a serious problem plaguing millions of people every day. There’s everything from occasional anxiety associated with temporary circumstances (like fear of being laid off at work to nervousness about going onstage, etc.) to chronic anxiety to debilitating levels of it that can lead to depression. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness afflicting U.S. Americans - that’s an estimated 40 million adults - roughly 18% of the country’s population. About Anxiety…

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