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In the past few years, the interest in hemp oil has grown tremendously. The myths once believed about it are giving way to the facts about it and they are quickly being replaced by a better, more respectful understanding of what this oil can do.
One thing it can do is benefit skin, and it is being used in skin care products more often. As the demand for hemp oil grows so does its demand for use in preparing skin care products. Now, you have a chance to meet that demand with the use of private label oil containing hemp.
More About Hemp Oil
If you are brand new to what hemp is all about, here is a quick overview that explains it. This oil comes from the seeds of the plant. The hemp plant is part of the cannabis family, but it is not the same as the marijuana plant. It does not contain the same level of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the psychoactive chemical in the marijuana plant that causes a high.
It sometimes contains traces of it but not enough to produce any noticeable effect to anyone consuming hemp or the oil.  What hemp oil does have is nearly 100 plus cannabinoids. These are chemicals that offer many healthy and therapeutic benefits. A full-spectrum oil is an oil made with hemp that contains the full number of cannabinoids in the plant and not just the cannabidiol or CBD.
Scientific research is beginning to demonstrate that hemp is capable of doing many good things such as fight inflammation and chronic pain in the body. Besides this promising research, the availability of the hemp oil is allowing people to try it and see for themselves how beneficial it is. A greater acceptance of hemp is growing and is making it more popular for consumers who shop on Shopify or Amazon.
Skin Issues Private Label Hemp Oil Treats
The hemp oil can be enjoyed by adding it to drinks or to foods. It can be taken as a tincture under the tongue or by consuming a capsule. It can also be used in lotions such as the one we have created with our private label.  All the ways in which the hemp oil can be consumed can help skin problems including the following.
Because it is an anti-inflammatory that calms the skin, it greatly improves acne-prone skin. Instead of using harsh chemicals which irritate the skin, it calms it and allows it to heal. It never clogs pores so it works great as a cleanser or a moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, and it is ideal for removing makeup. It draws out dirt and oil which can cause acne to worsen.
Hemp oil has linoleic acids which regulate hormone levels. Taking a supplement will control acne flare-ups. It works to also soothe your customers’ skin and offers them an all-natural way to retain a healthy, clean complexion.
Oily Skin
Oily skin needs proper moisture. It seems counterintuitive to moisturize oily skin but dryness is what contributes to it. A moisturizer like a hemp moisturizer is perfect.
It rebalances any of the natural oils that pollution and other irritants strip the skin of every day. Hemp oil also balances the skin out and hydrates it without causing any build up that can contribute to breakouts.
Just as hemp oil can control oiliness it can help resolve dryness on the skin. It does this with the help of its omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid content. Both of these are necessary for clear, healthy skin complexions. A recent study was done which found that taking hemp oil supplements on a regular basis reduced the flare-ups of eczema.
The omega-6s and omega-3s are absorbed quickly and thoroughly into the skin when they are applied as moisturizers. They calm skin and reduce itchiness.
Hemp oil is gentle but effective on both dry or oily skin. It works perfectly to balance any skin type.
There are a few things that make hemp oil a good anti-aging product. It is so moisturizing that it automatically reduces the appearance of lines on the face and under the eyes so it gives skin a youthful appearance.
The linoleic acid in the oil also benefits aging skin because it promotes new cell generation, and it calms the skin causing inflammation or redness to disappear. Hemp oil is a wonderful, natural anti-aging ingredient that can do a lot for skin, sometimes even more than the chemicals that expensive anti-aging products can do.
It does wonders for skin without irritating it like many chemicals in those expensive products can. Hemp oil is also an antioxidant that fights off free radical damage which causes dark spots and wrinkles. The added layer of hemp on the skin will also protect it from sun damage.
Skin Care Products with Private Label Hemp Oil
Give your customers the glowing skin they need from the inside out or the outside in with hemp oil products.
Hemp Oil Extract
Our full-spectrum extracts come from 100 percent organic hemp grown in the United States.  Use it topically or orally as a wonderful product to any skincare line. Benefits include:
• Reducing symptoms of anxiety
• Improving sleeplessness
• Improving overall nerve health
• Reducing or relieving joint pain
• Improving metabolism and
• Assisting in weight management
More Facts to Learn About Private Label Hemp Oil Extract
Lotions with Hemp Oil
This lotion with hemp oil hydrates skin and nourishes it with many powerful natural ingredients. It gives customers a wonderful option for using hemp oil in a lotion rather than as a straight oil. It moisturizes without being greasy or oily. It absorbs easily into skin and it helps:
• Stop wrinkles
• Increase skin moisture
• Skin hold onto moisture
• Increase skins vitamin and mineral intake
• Keep skin young by repairing it
• Regenerate skin cells
Learn Even More About Private Label Hemp Lotion
Softgel Hemp Oil Capsules
The soft gel capsules are a great way for customers to take hemp oil internally but not have to consume it by mouth as an oil. The oil is typically not flavored and its taste can sometimes be hard for people to tolerate. A softgel capsule offers a solution to this problem.  Hemp oil extract softgels are easy to take, they absorb quickly, and they also have numerous benefits which include:
• Reducing anxiety
• Preventing insomnia
• Improving nerve health
• Reducing joint pain
• Improving weight loss goals