CBD For Use As a Pre-workout or Post-workout Supplement

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CBD For Athletes

CBD For Use As a Pre-workout or Post-workout Supplement

The interest in CBD has grown in the fitness industry because it is proving to be full of many benefits.

If you want to build muscle or stay healthy, CBD could be helpful if implemented in your exercise routine.

CBD is a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory substance that can even stimulate the appetite. These can all work together to boost your post-workout recovery.

It can be used before a workout to eliminate pain and keep cortisol levels down which can help you work out harder.

Will CBD Improve My Exercise Routine?

Can It Benefit My Workout Routines?

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CBD does not produce the high that THC does. It is not psychoactive but it is a cannabinoid that is found in the marijuana plant.

There are a lot of people that have integrated CBD into their fitness routines. There are gyms and yoga studios which have started encouraging the use of cannabis. There are so-called ganga yoga studios that give participants vaporizers that have THC or CBD.

The compound does have significant properties that make it a suitable supplement for those who are fitness-minded. There are people who enjoy it as a post-workout aid while others want to use it before a workout for added performance.

CBD offers different benefits for both.

There was a time when CBD was banned. The World Anti-doping Agency lifted this ban recently. Now, even professional athletes can use it.

CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement

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As a pre-workout substance, CBD has a lot of benefits like reducing pain sensitivity, increasing energy and acting as an analgesic. This is its ability to relieve pain. This ability makes it possible for you to work out harder and longer during your workout. You will not get as many signals from your muscles that it is time to stop lifting or exercising!

There are many who use CBD to lift their mood or to provide greater energy. CBD does work as a natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety substance. You can take it and feel more energetic and ready to do more of your workout especially if anxiety or depression hold you back.

One other aspect of CBD as a good pre-workout substance is it acts as an anti-catabolic.

Catabolics are hormones that break down muscle tissue. You do not want this happening during your workout. One type of catabolic is cortisol. This is the stress hormone.

Its main function is to break muscle tissue down and fuel the body with blood sugar. In 1993, a study showed that CBD gave volunteers to the study lower cortisol levels.

This means CBD can prevent the breakdown of muscles when you work out. It helps you gain lean muscle mass.

When using CBD for this purpose try to avoid pre-workout drinks that have caffeine in them. Caffeine raises cortisol.

CBD as a Post-Workout Supplement

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Using CBD for a post-workout supplement is the most common use for it in fitness. The benefits it has include reducing muscle pain, reducing inflammation, stimulating appetite and causing relaxation.

CBD can relieve pain and keep the body from inflaming. This lets you recover faster without having to deal with muscle soreness after your workout.

CBD can help you relax and has the potential to help you sleep better. When you sleep well, you can recover from workouts faster.

Muscle recovery happens as you sleep so anything that helps you sleep also helps you build your muscles.

There is not a lot of research to back this up, but many people find that CBD increases their appetite. It is easier to eat a post-recovery meal with a healthy appetite.

Always eat protein after a workout to build your muscle. If you can’t eat enough, CBD might be able to help.