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A Few Of The Benefits Of CBD Softgels

Cannabidiol(CBD) is quickly becoming one of the most popular plant substances on the planet. It’s one of the many different compounds found inside of the cannabis plant. In the past, THC controlled the spotlight, but its various psychoactive properties made it an undesirable form of medical treatment. CBD happens to share many of the same medical benefits of THC without any of the psychoactive properties.

There are many different ways to consume CBD. Two of the most common are through a tincture and via a softgel supplement. Both have the same benefits but are absorbed differently by the body. Following is a closer look at some of the established benefits of CBD as well as some of the potential benefits that are currently being studied.

1. CBD Softgels And The Immune System

Cannabidiol is often described as having immunomodulating properties. This is a big word that means the softgels will modify how the immune system responds or functions. Immunomodulators are often used on patients receiving an organ transplant because they reduce the likelihood of the body rejecting the new organ. This is because they actually weaken the activity of the immune system. When the immune system activity is reduced the inflammatory response is weakened as well. This also makes it an ideal treatment for patients with an autoimmune disease.

The full extent of how CBD sotfgels interact with the immune system is not understood. We do know that it is through the CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system(ECS), which is how CBD affects the body in many different ways. The endocannabinoid regulates a large number of the body’s normal functions. Many of those functions take place within the immune system.

The ECS is capable of sending signals to the various systems in the body that will cause those systems to behave in certain ways. It is capable of telling the immune system when and where to defend the body as well as how strongly to defend the body. As you can imagine, CBD causes the ECS to send signals to the immune system that it might not normally send.

What is particularly interesting is how CBD is able to correct the immune system in some cases. There are certain diseases where the immune system is attacking organs that are actually healthy. These are known as autoimmune diseases. Studies have shown that CBD can cause the endocannabinoid system to send the correct signal to the immune system, thus calling off the attack on the healthy organs.

Using CBD to treat autoimmune diseases is still in its infancy, but it is showing great promise. We still need many more studies before we can fully understand what is happening and how it can be properly controlled. But at the very least it is worth trying if you suffer from an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis. You should discuss the possibility of taking CBD softgels with your doctor. Even if it doesn’t help with that particular disease it can still have many other health benefits.

2. A Potential Treatment For Neurodegenerative Diseases



CBD is clearly a substance with a lot of potential. Not only is it a potential treatment for autoimmune diseases, but many experts believe it can be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases as well. Some of these diseases include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. All of these diseases are caused by the body’s continuous loss of neurons within the brain. Why exactly those neurons are dying away is not always fully understood.

It’s estimated that there are more than 6 million Americans living with one of the three big neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s). Millions of more Americans are at risk of developing these diseases. Aside from neuron loss, a second common factor has been found in patients of these three diseases. That factor is an excessive accumulation of iron inside of the brain. The iron is not considered to be the cause of the neurodegenerative condition, but rather a side effect that actually makes the condition worse. This is where the CBD softgels comes into play.

CBD has been found to reduce iron accumulation in the brains of rats during multiple studies. It is believed that this effect can be duplicated in humans. While it won’t serve as a cure for the condition, it can greatly reduce the speed and severity of its progression. It has yet to be fully tested with humans, but those tests will undoubtedly take place in the near future.

3. CBD Can Be Used To Treat Acne

Now let’s consider a benefit of CBD softgels that is more applicable to the masses: treating acne. More than 60 million Americans fight with acne on a daily basis. There are billion dollar companies that focus entirely on designing acne fighting creams and pills. They may all soon be put out of business thanks to CBD.

CBD can actually be used to fight acne in two different ways. The first is by applying CBD oil directly to the skin as part of a topical lotion. The second way is by taking a CBD softgel supplement. Combining both of these methods of attack will yield the best results. Let’s look at both options and how exactly they work.

First, let’s consider the topical application of products with CBD oil. When it comes to acne, one of the major culprits is the sebaceous gland. These are small glands that secrete an oily substance called sebum. Unfortunately, sometimes a hair follicle can get filled with excess sebum and become clogged. This generally leads to the formation of acne.

By reducing the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands it is possible to reduce the frequency and severity of acne breakouts. Luckily, these glands have something called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are known as cannabinoid receptors and are part of the endocannabinoid system. And what directly influences the ECS? The answer is CBD.

Much like how CBD can send signals to regulate immune system functions it can also regulate sebum production. When the CBD is absorbed in the skin it begins to bond with neuroreceptors and send signals using the ECS. The result is often reduced acne is a surprisingly timely fashion.

Next, let’s consider how consuming a CBD softgel will affect acne. Simply put, the CBD absorbed in the body will help the ECS regulate a number of systems that influence acne production. For example, the softgel may stimulate the anandamide neurotransmitter. This transmitter is responsible for regulating cell growth in the body. It is often imbalanced in people who suffer from acne and other skin conditions. By activating this transmitter and properly regulating cell growth it is possible to reduce acne breakouts in the long run.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties due to its ability to reduce stress. Stress happens to greatly increase the severity of inflammation. And since acne is considered an inflammatory condition it makes sense to reduce inflammation by reducing stress.

By combining a topical treatment with CBD oil and a daily CBD softgel supplement, you can fight acne in the moment and over time. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping regulate a number of different systems within the body.

A Great Part Of Any Daily Routine

A CBD softgel would make a great addition to any ongoing daily routine. It poses very little risk and has the potential for significant rewards. It can fight acne, improve the immune system, and help patients overcome the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases. And these are only three of the dozens of different benefits associated with this supplement. There’s really no reason not to add CBD to your routine.