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CBD Oil Products

Privatelabelcannabidiol.com is one of  if not the top U.S. CBD oil Manufacturer under Silver Shadow Ventures.  We are happy to provide the purest wholesale full spectrum CBD oil and Pure Isolate CBD Oil products in the marketplace that are grown and processed within the United States. Our specialty naturally grown industrial hemp has no genetic manipulations or harmful pesticides, and is processed in a way to capture all of the CBD oil benefits by enabling other essential oils, amino acids, flavonoids, and terpenes to stay in the final product.

We Offer The Market’s Best Hemp CBD Oil

Why Our CBD Oil Products Stand Apart From Competitors’ Products

We are the leading U.S. CBD oil distributor because of our products effectiveness and quality.  Our hemp is grown specifically for its medicinal purposes. We (our FDA Registered and Insured Manufacturing facility located in Utah since 2015, our Hemp farms in Colorado and Kentucky, cGMP Certified Lab) takes great care to just grow hemp strains that are free of THC and/or nearly THC free and at the time, for optimal benefits, cannabinoids are enhanced.

The Following Standards Are Met By Our CBD Oil Products:

– THC Free.  Our broad spectrum CBD oil products do not contain any traceable THC amounts.  Zero THC levels are achieved via our growing methods, and not from our products being diluted.

– There are virtually no traceable THC amounts in our full spectrum products.  Our low THC levels are achieved via our growing methods and not through our products being diluted.

– Whole Plant.  We make use of the whole plant, including the flowers, to make our full spectrum CBD oil.  That ensures that all off the beneficial ingredients that hemp offers is contained in our full spectrum oils.

–  Extraction Process.  We utilize a a patented and unique purification and extraction process.  The process enables the most beneficial parts of oils remain pure and are extracted from the plants.

– Rigorous Testing.  Extensive testing is conducted by our manufacturer on each batch of plants that are processed throughout the whole extraction process in order to ensure that our products are of the highest quality

– Third Party Testing. To make sure we conduct accurate tests, and to ensure we release the highest quality level products, we have a third party lab test our CBD oil to confirm the results of our CBD oil tests.

Purchase From The Best US CBD Oil Producer

We are happy to offer our approved partners CBD wholesale pricing. We encourage you to to fill out our application in order to become an approved distributor or partner for our full spectrum CBD products.

Distributors of CBD Oil

Wholesale CBD Oil

We have CBD oil available in Full Spectrum (Virtually No THC) and Broad Spectrum (THC free) and is the most complete and purest oil available in today’s marketplace.  It exceeds or meets all medicinal hemp product standards.

CBD Oil Spray and Tinctures

Our tinctures are made for sub-lingual use, and are blended with hemp oil, coconut, grapeseed, or olive oil. Flavors, like peppermint, orange, or lemon may be added.  Products can be customized according to the preferences of the customer.  Tinctures have droppers that come with them as well as an option for adding an easy-to-use sprayer as well.

CBD Capsules 

We offer CBD capsules in various strengths that exceed or meet all purity standards.  They are all designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

CBD Crumble

The wax crumble that we offer is ideal for dabbing and comes in different strengths.  For optimal benefits it is made out of full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Concentrate Isolate And Wholesale

Water Soluble CBD Liquids And Powder

The water soluble product that we offer is a full strength product that may be used for creating different kinds of CBD products for the purpose of personal use. It is created using a patented process to make a powder that mixes with water well.

CBD Pet Products

We design pet products that provide CBD benefits for your beloved horses, cats, and dogs.

CBD Creams and Skin Care

Clients may customize the mixture and potency of skin creams that are made out of our full spectrum CBD oil along with other ingredients like coconut oil and bees wax.

Wholesale CBD Edibles

We provide chocolates, candies, and gummies.  Are product are not coated using CBD oil; for optimal performance, they are infused.

CBD Vape Oil

The CBD vape oil that we offer is idea for all vaping devices and is of the highest quality.

Application For CBD Distributors

Start To Sell CBD Oil Products

Retail CBD Products

Bulk CBD (along with affiliate partner products) are delivered as finished products. The means these products are ready for stocking and selling.  Please contact us and ask for our brochure of CBD oil products.

CBD Concentrates On Ancillary Products

Consumer goods businesses like skin care ones are growing. Infusing and/or coating CBS as an extension of our product line has proven to be successful when it comes to brand exposure (social media and online), increased traffic (online or in-store) and most important of all, Return on Investment (ROI).  We offer CBD concentrates and CBD oil at wholesale prices from our Bulk CBD Program for approved partners.

CBD oil is starting to change the way people view hemp oil. The emerging product of this century is CBD oil. Hemp oil is not the stepchild any longer of the cannabis family, due to the increased interest in CBD.

It is shown by CBD oil research studies that a steady increase in understanding in terms of CBD oil retail growth and CBD oil investments. In 2017, CBD oil investments have surprised Hemp Industries Association members already.  However, this groups isn’t the only one in disbelief. This year cannabis sales will be increasing by over 25% and ArcView Group reports that this trend will be continuing through 2012.  A majority of the growth will be coming from increased interest in CBD oil. By 2020, the CBD market is poised to be a $2.1 billion market.

People are starting to look differently at hemp oil due to CBD oil.  CBD oil is the new century’s emerging product.  Hemp oil is no longer the stepchild of cannabis due to the increased interest that CBD is receiving.

CBD oil research studies are showing a steady increased in understanding of CBD oil retail and investment growth. Many have been surprised by the recent growth of CBD oil.  This year cannabis sales will be increasing more than 25%, with this trend expecting to continue to grow through 2021, with most of the growth coming from increased interest in CBD oil products.  The CBD market by 2020 is expected to be a $2.1 billion market.