Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

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CBD oil is a popular product today and commonly used for both therapeutic and medicinal purposes. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, contains more than 100 cannabinoids, compounds believed to pack all these properties that help interact well with the body system, thus treat various health conditions. Obtained from the cannabis plant, CBD oil does contain THC, the compound known to have a ‘high effect’ on the use; this means CBD oil is perfectly safe to use.

The high percentage and composition of CBD in CBD oil is what earns it its name. Although concentrations vary from one manufacturer to the other, CBD oil contains more than 99% CBD with the remaining 1% being other cannabinoids. Some products may, however, contain trace amounts of THC, which doesn’t pose any harm to patients. The vast array of health benefits of these cannabinoids has made CBD oil a handy home remedy for various health conditions. Some of the well-known health benefits of CBD oil are discussed below.

  1. For Pain Relief
    CBD is widely used for pain relief around the world. This is thanks to its analgesic properties that help calm nerve cells and inflammation thus providing relief. The cannabinoids interact with the brain and immune receptors which play a big part in providing pain relief. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on the effects of CBD on rats and mice, it was revealed that CBD oil lowers inflammation levels significantly. The same results have been observed on not only rodents but other animals as well. CBD oil can therefore be used to treat various painful conditions for fast relief. One of the main advantages of CBD oil is that you aren’t at risk of side effects as seen other pain medications.
  2. Helps Fight Seizures
    Seizures occur when the brain experiences a substantial change in electrical activity. According to recent studies, CBD oil is rich in properties that help fight as well as prevent such from happening. Although studies and research are inconclusive, it is just a matter of time before scientists and researchers get to establish the connection. Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that CBD has a positive effect when used on patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome. Individuals with this condition can use CBD oil to reduce or even contain the frequency of seizures.
  3. Fight Anxiety
    Anxiety is a physiological manifestation that makes one overly nervous hence unable to remain calm. Research shows that CBD contains properties that help calm nerves and the brain cells, thus enabling one to stay perfectly calm even in a tense situation. This is because the cannabinoids act on the limbic and paralimbic parts of the brain making it possible to calm down. Research also shows that CBD oil can be used to treat social anxiety disorder among other conditions. Scientists are however still researching these before making it official.
  4. Contains Cancer-Fighting Properties
    Numerous studies have proved that CBD contains cancer-fighting properties. These compounds work by battling cancerous cells, as well as boosting the death of the tumor cells thus making it a good home remedy for various types of cancer including cervical and colon cancer. Studies also show patients improving several months after using CBD oil. Even though studies are still in the preliminary stages, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The positive effect of CBD on tumorous cells are evidence enough that CBD oil is a good home remedy for various types of cancer. Consider talking to your doctor before trying this home remedy.
  5. Contain Diabetes
    CBD also has a significant impact on diabetes. It not only helps lower the risk of diabetes but also helps manage the condition for people with diabetes. According to studies conducted on mice, CBD helps lower the risk of contracting diabetes in female mice. That said, you can use CBD oil to prevent or contain the condition. You might still want to talk to your physician before trying this home remedy. This is to make sure the compounds do not interfere with any current medication you might be taking.
  6. Addressing Sleep Problems
    Persons suffering from insomnia and difficulties getting sleep can use CBD as a home remedy for the same. Certain strains of Cannabis have been proven to help patients get enough sleep, a reason CBD obtained from the same does have the same effects. While the condition and severity may differ from one patient to the other, a considerable percentage of these patients attest to seeing positive results after using CBD. You however need/have to stick to the proper dosage for this to work.