Why is CBD Becoming so Popular

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If you’ve noticed CBD in the headlines more and more lately and are wondering why you’re late to the party – what it is about CBD that is making such a big splash, we’ll explain. But first things first, if you’re not really sure what CBD even IS, the following starts you off from the beginning.

What is CBD or cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the numerous (over 100 identified) phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. The compound is what gives the plant its robust therapeutic characteristics. In contrast to another well-known cannabinoid known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the cannabinoid responsible for that high feeling users get when using cannabis, CBD on its own or low THC, high CBD strains won’t have psychoactive effects but will provide them all the health benefits associated with it. Basically, for those not interested in getting high, CBD gives them all the benefits without the unwanted side effects.

Why is CBD so Popular at the Moment?

There are several main reasons why CBD or cannabidiol is taking the U.S. market by storm right now. First off, its desirability is owed to its powerful and numerous therapeutic abilities. But that has been around for quite some time. It’s popularity specifically now, is a result of a spread of information via the internet about its health benefits that has uprooted former stigmas put in place when the U.S. waged a ‘war on drugs’ and demonized cannabis as a whole. This comes as a  movement that has gained momentum towards legalizing cannabis. CBD is the first major step towards that future. As a result, legislation and other forms of progress have lit a clear path for CBD in the world of business. It is now looked at as the next big investment opportunity as a result of its newfound demand.

CBD’s potency paired with a lack of side effects (it doesn’t get you high) makes it even more attractive to people who are turned off by the psychoactive, altered mental state cannabis is known to give you. There are also a few other contributing factors that can be the cause of its a seemingly sudden increase in attention. Here’s a closer look at how these traits are growing CBD’s popularity among the public exponentially.

CBD’s Health Benefits

There is a myriad of health benefits associated with CBD. Many of them are also associated with the use of the entire cannabis plant, however, for those who wish to access those health benefits but do not want the high, CBD makes it possible. CBD interacts with the receptors in the body – the endocannabinoid system, which regulates things like sleep, stress, appetite, and mood. It promotes homeostasis and CBD is currently used to treat:

  • Chronic Pain Relief: One of its most common uses is to reduce pain, especially that which is a result of excessive inflammation. That makes it ideal to use for people affected by diseases that manifest in the form of inflammation, such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. It is also used to treat migraines, back pain, and other chronic ailments.
  • Helps Stimulate Appetite and Stifles Nausea: This aspect is most helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. A symptom of that harsh treatment is often nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, which is detrimental to the body’s defenses. CBD combats this.
  • Helps Promote Regular Sleep Cycles – CBD has a regulatory approach to sleeping and helps users reach deeper, more replenishing sleep that is so necessary to keep the human body empty.
  • Fights Cancer and Tumor Growth
  • Has shown to be effective in fighting neuropathic conditions like epilepsy by reducing the occurrence of chronic seizures
  • Helps Promote Mental Health: CBD’s properties help to rebalance the mind and body, helping release serotonin and combating issues like anxiety and depression.
  • Promotes Sleep: Lack of sleep is rampant in the U.S. as is an increase in stress. CBD Helps regulate the sleep cycle which contributes to a healthy mind and body, helps fortify the body’s defenses and helps keep mental health in tact. All things that allow your body to function properly and maintain a strong line of defense against illnesses.


CBD’S Future Market Growth and Potential

The new wave of information and interest, paired with further legalization ( The 2018 Farm Bill which made hemp and all its derivatives legal in the United States) has kicked open the flood gates to a new vertical. Entrepreneurs and big companies recognize the opportunity to make billions – the CBD industry is projected to reach billions in value within just one year. According to Forbes, cannabidiol sales are expected to grow by 700% by as early as 2020. As consumers hear and learn about it, the audience and the demand are growing at breakneck speed. The growing interest means more and more research will be conducted, making more information about CBD increasingly credible and powerful – this is set to attract a huge demand, marking an undeniable opportunity for any investors or entrepreneurs who are looking to strike while the iron’s hot.

As more sales come in and demand grows, the supply chain will continue to become more sophisticated and streamlined. This, in turn, will create more jobs, bring in astronomical revenues and stimulate the economy – all things politicians will see value in. Legislators have already made leaps and bounds in this sector but mounting progress continues to make CBD and other related cannabis products’ full legality look like it’s inevitable; at which point, the value of CBD and the market for it will most likely reach a fever pitch.

Other Factors

A Move Towards Transparent & Naturally Derived Products: The ease of finding information these days has created a climate in which the general public is re-examining things they one thought were ok to use or were even good for you. One of those things is the conventional medicines. There is a current lack of trust in them due to the laundry lists of side effects they mostly all come with. CBD and other naturally derived products have become much more attractive in the wake of the current movement towards natural. Due to the long list of side effects, many conventional medicines tend to have, people are turning away from conventional medicines traditionally prescribed by doctors and towards natural alternatives. CBD fits this need perfectly.

The Influencer Effect: The buzz surrounding CBD has also been made louder by influencers, actors, comedians and more. For example, celebrities that endorse either using it or investing it include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian among many others. Food and wellness bloggers and influencers are talking about it, experimenting with use and documenting its progress. The more it is buzzing in headlines and conversations, the closer it is to becoming a mainstream method of therapy. It’s because of all these factors that influencers and politicians are quickly becoming aware and passionate enough about the subject to endorse it, thus helping it stay in the spotlight and at the center of trending conversations.

Stressful, Fast Paced Times: Stress and anxiety are big issues in today’s society. We could all use a way to combat stress; CBD helps regulate both of these, giving the users an improved quality of life overall.

Versatility: For business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in adding CBD products to their lineup, CBD oil can be infused into basically anything. There are currently countless CBD infused products on sale – from ointments and salves to edibles to even pet snacks. The sky is the limit on this particular sector which is why it has become so irresistible and attractive to those who want to get in on the CBD gold rush. All these things paired with the accessibility of information is making CBD the next big vertical you don’t want to miss.