Best Ways to Consume Your CBD

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If you’ve been considering using CBD to find relief from anxiety, insomnia, stress, or any other ailments it is used to treat, you will find a very long list of available ways in which you can take it.

The number of products on the market right now containing CBD or cannabidiol and the different forms in which it is available can end up leaving you at a loss with where to begin, especially if you’re a first-time consumer just now looking into the different methods available to you. Could the best way to take CBD to be oral? Inhaled? Rubbed on? Sublingually? A lot of this comes down to what you’re using CBD for, how quickly you want or need for it to kick in and how long you want it to last. Also, if you want a certain experience along with it – whether it’s the experience of relaxing as you inhale or maybe it’s enjoying a tasty gummy bear, or maybe it’s finding your chill as you sip on an ice cold beer- We narrow it down for you in this list of some of the best ways to consume CBD.

CBD Edibles

One of the most common and popular ways to consume CBD is via edibles. This is one of the best ways because, well, we all eat. Some of us like candies like gummy bears and chocolates while others may not – but others still enjoy a good cup of coffee or a cup of kombucha. That means that no matter what you like or don’t like, the possibility of infusing virtually any food or drink with CBD makes it a universal way to consume it. The standard dosage for CBD infused food and drink are 5-20 mg while medical grade dosages can be up to 100 mg. Taking CBD orally isn’t the fastest absorbing method, but it does deliver longer lasting, holistic effects due to the digestion process that breaks it down before it enters the bloodstream. This is also one of the best ways for beginners who might be concerned about a heightened sensitivity to it or delicate medical issues. CBD edibles offer the widest variety of options for taking it. From gummies to ice cream to coffee, beer and much more – the options have endless possibilities which mean there is essentially something for everyone if you go the edible route.

The time before its effects kick in when consuming via edibles is typically up to 2 hours and lasts for up to 8 hours.

CBD Topicals

Did you know that there are cannabinoid receptors in human skin? The topical application of CBD and cannabis products have the power to bring therapeutic results this way because of the receptors. For this reason, you will find many CBD creams, lotions, gels and skin oils on the market. This is a great way to use CBD for pain, especially if you have localized pain like in a joint or a certain muscle due to inflammation. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, so anyone dealing with arthritis or multiple sclerosis or other inflammation-related ailments should note this as a candidate for their method of choice. This form of application has a relatively fast acting uptake time so it will bring relief to the areas with acute pain quickly. For the long term, this method is also good for chronic pain and arthritis.  

The time it takes for onset is about 20-40 minutes and lasts about 2-4 hours.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are oil, alcohol or vegetable-glycerine based extracts that are sold in small bottles with eye-dropper application lids. They typically come in 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg. This makes this method easy to monitor with precise dosages as you work to hone in on exactly how much you need to treat your issue at hand. When first starting out with introducing CBD into your health regimen, it is always best practice to start small and work your way up when it comes to figuring out your ideal dosage. As you make changes to the dosage amounts, be sure to allow each change to be maintained for at least a few weeks before leveling up to a new dosage amount, just so you can give your body time to become accustomed. This method gives you the possibility to apply sublingually which provides quick and direct absorption into the bloodstream. CBD tinctures with an eye-dropper application are conducive to discreet administering. The onset time is typically around 2 hours and this form normally lasts for up to 8 hours.

CBD Vaping

The fastest way to feel CBD kicking in is via inhalation. In this way, it enters the bloodstream very rapidly via the lungs. The downside, however, is that as quick as the uptake was, so will the wear-off be. It does subside its effects within a few hours from dosage. Vaping means you can use CBD oil or CBD isolate. CBD vape pens are great for anyone who vapes, or anyone who used to smoke and is used to the action of relaxing via smoking, but who wants to or has quit using tobacco products. This is a great replacer of that unhealthy habit. Using CBD isolate instead of CBD oil to vape can give you the benefits of higher potency and a higher percentage of CBD than vape oil. CBD oils can also be full spectrum if you are looking to consume that type of product, as it is used for a wide range of health benefits. The onset time for CBD vaping is about 5-10 minutes – the quickest in uptake time – and lasts for about 2-4 hours.

There are plenty of other methods including a CBD dosage-administering patch worn on the skin, however, we look at the fastest acting methods, the most convenient and the most doable – especially for newer consumers just now looking to get in on the exciting new CBD wave.